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Smart Device Connectivity

Hello! I am moving into a building that has GigXero on April 1st, and I am super excited to see what it has to offer. I am a software engineer by trade and work from home a few days a week, so having fast, reliable internet connectivity is of upmost importance to me and I am super excited to give GigXero a run!

My question though is centered around smart device functionality. For example, I am selling my home where I have a SmartThings Hub, and a Phillips Hue Hub plugged into my router. This facilitates all the lighting I have throughout my house, and in conjunction with IFTTT I can do some pretty swanky things with it. Is there currently, or on a roadmap, the functionality to connect these smart devices for use within my apartment?

Thank you!

Hi, Joel!

We're happy to hear you are moving into one of our buildings, and are committed to making sure you have a great internet experience!  

We love smart devices here at GigXero.  I personally have a SmartThings Hub, Phillips Hue hub, Lutron Casetta Bridge (and more).  I recently switched to running it on Home Assistant on an Odroid - takes a lot more time to manage, but I couldn't resist the challenge.  That is pretty typical setup within GigXero (although some are more Apple snobby than others :P).  It's amazing the kind of creative things we can do now with this stuff!

While the setup differs a bit depending on the building you will be moving to, you should have no difficulty connecting any smart home tech.  And if you do, please feel free to submit a ticket and we will work hard (aka do everything possible) to make sure you are successful.  And while we love to help all kinds of folks (and never talk down to non-technical people), we do have a special love for coders, system admins, and gamers :)


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Thank you for the update! Phew, luckily I am not one of those apply snobs :P. I'll keep this updated with how it goes when I move in as it may provide as useful information for individuals moving into locations with GigXero.


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