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Internet Access Down at Hahne Building

Internet access is down in my apartment at the Hahne building.  Anyone else having a similar issue?

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There is an issue with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Doesn't have to do with GigXero.  I just ran a test and my internet access is working.

Just called . Should be up & running soon . He said within the hour or less
Internet out again at Hahne! It was working earlier this morning, what’s going on? Anyone call Gigxero?
Looks like the internet is down again!!!
AGAIN? We are down again at Hahne’s.

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Thanks for the msg.  I'm back up also :)

It’s back for me!

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Is there a Facebook Group for Hahne residents?  If so, please post a link.

Does anyone know of a person in the hahnes building that has service on another provider?

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Thank you
Try near whole foods, they have one
Good morning . Does anyone know where there is wifi in or around our building ? I am working remotely and need access to the internet .
Thanks for update David!!

The latest...

The city's fiber team just got back to us regarding an ETA on restoration. Due to how many cables need repair, this will take the team all night to get everything spliced and operational.

Thank you.

I received this message...

Dear Newark Fiber customer,

We apologize for the disruption of internet service this weekend. We identified the fiber breaks and are repairing them now. Once completed, your service will be up and running and we will make every effort to continue to deliver high quality, low cost and uninterrupted internet service.

We are also investigating these numerous breaks to ensure this does not happen again, including filing a legal claim against the person or company responsible.

 - The GigXero Team
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