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Smart Devices

Kelley Sq Lofts - Worcester, MA As of two days ago various smart Devices across my unit have ceased working. Some are still working without issue, but some others - Wyze smart bulbs, 1 of 3 Amazon echos, a Dyson smart fan, smart humidifier, and a raspberry pi - have stopped working. They are unable to connect to the WiFi. The wifi still works on some smart devices such as Phillips hue smart bulbs, computers, cell phones and tablets. Has there been a settings change that has occurred that could affect this? Is there a way to power cycle the in wall unit? Thank you,

Is there a phone number I'm supposed to call for support?
Seeing as the contact button directs to the word Contact, and there is no response on this forum - I assume I need to contact the property manager? I have been here over 2 years and things have worked flawlessly until last week. Has anyone else found a way to contact this ghost company?
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