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One65 Main outage

I'm a GigXero customer at One65 Main. We had a brief power outage Friday August 18 2023 around 10 am. I have my routers and other devices on UPS battery backup, so they were unaffected. However, I noted that my GigXero WAN connection was unable to access the internet. Technical support was very helpful and we resolved the issue. It sounds like after the power came back on and GigXero's networking device for the building came back online, it reset to an earlier configuration from before I subscribed (which was on August 1). I had to be added back in to the configuration. I'd like to make a couple of humble suggestions that might improve the experience for your customers. 1. Power backups. Do the building's GigXero networking devices have backup power? If not, backup power could prevent service disruptions during power outages like the one this morning. In the past, my Xfinity cable internet service was not disrupted by these kinds of power outages. I'm not sure how many switches, routers, and other devices you have running or what their power requirements are, but it's possible that the outage today could have been prevented with a $100 UPS. 2. More frequent configuration backups. I've been a customer for almost three weeks and I wasn't in the backup that was restored after the power came back on. Does that mean you only back up your configurations something like once a month? Could that frequency be increased? Could a backup be made after each new customer signs up as well? Thanks for your consideration.
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