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Internet down at Hahne’s 11/17/23

Submitted ticket to report internet down this morning as of 6:35 a.m. Restarting router does not work. Told GigXero that they need to notify subscribers when this happens. It’s poor service not to do that.

We are having the same issue and the support line is “closed”

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Hey, fellow Hahne resident here. Just spoke to a nice rep on the phone. Apparently they alerted Hahne and Hahne was supposed to alert us but since no one's on site it fell on deaf ears. Service should be back up in the next 30-60 minutes. Maintenance was supposed to happen overnight but something happened. Hope this helps
I mean…GigXero is the provider. Not every Hahne’s resident uses GigXero. I’ve been in the building going on seven years and this has been the pattern that entire time: subscribers do not receive notice in advance of planned outages and we do not receive notice of problems. In my view, GigXero just needs to do better.

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