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Lost internet at 11pm last night (1/6/24) The internet is still not on (1/7/24) and it’s currently 11:43AM . I am working on a huge business project this weekend and I am left without access to internet . This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, we all pay for a service that is not available when things go wrong . GIGXERO , pick up your slack . It’s 2024 and you guys should have a 24hr service center that can help us all when things like this happen . I will be writing to the BBB regarding on going insufficient servicing help .

Lost internet since yesterday 01/06, still no internet until now 01/07 22:00pm. My wife and I work from home and it was impossible to work like this. High enforce customer service 24 hours for cases like these. It’s truly unfair and unacceptable
* Update * The internet is still offline , apparently this issue will be fixed on (1/8/24) by 8am . Horrible turn around .
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